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Nakhodka Port Terminal

Nakhodka Port Terminal

OOO “AKHTUBINSKAYA-NEFTEBAZA” rendered General Logistics and Storage Services to its Customers in the Port of Nakhodka which has a modern telecommunications system and can provide communication services and any information, should customers require it. The Port has bunkering boats, oil & garbage collecting boats, bilge collecting boats, which help the visiting vessels to receive fuel and water as well as discharge their bilges and waste. Berths are assigned to five stevedoring complexes, each of them responsible for certain varieties of cargo. Berths 1-4 handles export-import general cargoes, servicing the Nakhodka-Japan line. It has a grain/bulk terminal, equipped with a Hitachi pneumatic chute which can process up to 270 tons per hour. Berths 9, 10 handles bulk cargoes: coal, ferrochrome, ferroslags. Berths 25-27 handles round logs for export. Berths 28-32 handles export goods: a variety of ferrous metals articles (steel slabs, steel in rolls, cast iron, cast steel), timber, cardboard, paper, pulp, chemicals.


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OOO “AKHTUBINSKAYA-NEFTEBAZA” provide you with the best Affordable Logistics & Storage Services,

Stores and handle your Liquid Cargo in major commercial sea ports in Europe.

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