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Tuapse Port Terminal

Tuapse Port Terminal

Tuapse Oil Terminal is one of the major Oil Terminal in the Black sea region in which Our Logistics Service Company Provide Storage Service and Transshipment of Crude Oil and Crude Oil Petroleum Products.

Tuapse Oil Terminal is an oil import-export terminal located 8 km (5.0 mi) offshore the Port of Tuapse in Krasnodar Krai, Russia. It is one of the biggest oil terminals in the Black Sea that serves as a hub for crude oil deliveries to the Black Sea market.

The commercial sea port of Tuapse is situated on the Caucasus coast of the Black Sea at the Tuapse bay vertex, south-east from the rocky point of Kadosh. The port water area is confined by mouths of Tuapse and Pauk rivers up to the isobath of 40 m. There is an approach channel 400 m long, 120 m wide and 13.5 m deep up to the port water area.


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